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Based on the main lines of the proposed development it emerges that the site was to house the mosque is in direct connection with the center of the district – the minaret tower.

Another important axis is emerging: it is the Qibla – this axis allows a very interesting geometric deviation. The site as projected refers forms in parables.

These Qibla-oriented parables refer to the final orientation of the mosque.

The mosque = house of Allah. Life at the mosque is punctuated by a major event; prayer !The day is punctuated by five prayers at specific times. Islam is based on five pillars that are: – Echa’hada. – El salat. – El saoum. – El zakat. – El haj.

The prophets endowed with perseverance «oulou el aazm » are five:
Mohamed «salalahualayhiwassalem ». – Aissa. – Moussa. – Ibrahim. – Nouh.

The IConic mosque of Dubai is the mosque of endowed perseverances:«Oulou El Aazm »

The minaret: An element that symbolizes the call to prayer, this vertical element is inspired by the vocal cord. It is inclined towards the qibla with an angle of 5 ° the shadow of this element reminder a solar prologue.

The latter is purely symbolic but it recalls an important element in life: The sun. Which is a source of heat and light.

The Dome: Protective element articulated around the pentagon. It draws outlines of the main entrances, and main doors.

We find from East to West.

- Entry of Mohamed (Muhamed) for the door of Fajr.
- Entrance of Aissa (Jessus) for the Dohr Gate.
- Entry of Moussa (Moses) for the door of the Asr.
- Entry of Ibrahim (Abraham) for the door of the Maghreb.
- Entrance of Nouh (Noah) for the door of Isha.

The dome is also considered roof because the faithful are the guests of Allah in his house: the mosque.

The carpet: textile element on which the prayer is made. It is used for individual or group prayer. It is represented the site on which the mosque is to be founded: the public space is the carpet. Decomposition of the project: Image diagram The night : The Maghrib and El Isha prayers are held in the evening at dusk and prolonged in the night.

Life at the mosque at night is also punctuated by the prayers of the holy month of Ramadhan «Tarawih ».

Grouping is an essential element. The freshness of the evening is an awakening of the senses in this context the illumination of the mosque will be on the dome – with a projection of the Emirati flag on its shell in light. The freshness : The dome is a ventilated and protective skin. The winds caress the spherical shape of the perforated dome and provide a feeling of freshness. The prayer hall below is protected and its temperature is softened and moderate. Schemawinds on the dome.

Plan et esquisses du projet.